In line with the trend of people becoming more health-conscious, Steamed Gourmet offers traditional home-style Chinese cuisine that is cooked using the age-old art of steam cooking, involving the use of vapour from boiling water. This culinary method of steaming is highly recommended as it helps to retain the food’s natural flavour and nutrients. This allows Steamed Gourmet to offer food with high nutritional value.

Health-conscious eaters will also be thrilled to know that Steamed Gourmet offers 5 dishes that are certified by the Health Promotion Board as a healthier choice. In addition, a choice of healthy brown rice instead of steamed white rice is also available for those who prefer brown rice. This strengthens Steamed Gourmet’s brand positioning as the healthier food choice.

Customers who love home-style Chinese food can look forward to healthy and tasty dishes that are worth feasting on.

Must-try Dishes

(Sausage, Chicken, Mushroom)
Steamed Sliced Fish with Assam Sauce
Signature Ginseng Chicken Soup

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