Niko Niko Japanese Cuisine

Niko Niko Japanese Cuisine specialises in Japanese nosh.

Niko Niko Japanese Cuisine offers a good selection of classic and contemporary Japanese cuisine at wallet-friendly prices. The extensive menu comprises of over 40 items ranging from hot plate items, unique twin set meals that combine the best of both worlds, bentos, don buri to ramen and udon items together with other side dishes.

Head on down to Niko Niko Japanese Cuisine for a dose of quality Japanese nosh that will delight the palate of all Japanese food lovers while not costing a bomb.

Must-try dishes:
  • Chicken Teriyaki with Salmon Flavoured Rice + Spicy/Tonkatsu Ramen
  • Salmon Mentaiyaki Set
  • Niko Niko Bento
  • Hot Plate Chicken Curry with Cheese Set