Koo Kee Yong Tow Foo Mee

Koo Kee Yong Tow Foo Mee is a brand under Gao Ji Food that has won the hearts of customers of all ages and from all walks of life since 1954. Till now, Koo Kee Yong Tow Foo Mee has retained the tradition of selling its signature Yong Tow Foo (Yong Tau Foo) in a standard set of 5 pieces comprising of:

  1. Tau Hu (Soft White Bean Curd spread with Fish Paste)
  2. Tau Pok (Bean Curd Puff with Fish Paste)
  3. Tau Kuah (Fried Firm Bean Curd with Fish Paste)
  4. Tau Kee (Fried Bean Curd Skin with Fish Paste)
  5. Fishball (Ball-shaped Fish Paste)

The most popular item on our menu is Koo Kee Set Meal, which includes a bowl of Yong Tow Foo (Yong Tau Foo) with intensely flavoured soup made up of soya beans and ikan bilis, a bowl of specialty egg noodles with fragrant minced chicken meat toppings and a plate of Kang Kong with fermented bean curd sauce for a balanced meal. The Yong Tow Foo items are then paired with our very own secret recipe of sweet sauce or chilli sauce for greater flavour.

Endeared by customers across generations, you must try our yong tow foo as every bite is reminiscent of Koo Kee Yong Tow Foo Mee’s rich heritage that has been satisfying palates since 1954.

Must-Try Signature Dishes:
  • Koo Kee Set Meal
  • Laksa Yong Tow Foo